January 24, 2015

Plenty of Heat

After picking up 15 more bags of pellets yesterday, I rearranged the pellet pallets. Each row of pellets is 5 bags.

Pellet Stash

All the black bags on the right are FSU's (not that you care, just so you can tell what I'm talking about further in the post) and those are what I burn in the upstairs stove. All the bags on the left are different kinds that I use in the downstairs stove.

Each bag is 40 pounds. In picking up just the 15 bags of FSU's yesterday, I had to handle them 3 times; load them onto cart at store, transfer from cart to car, transfer from car to house. So in effect, just those 15 bags was a total of moving 1800 pounds yesterday.

But wait, that isn't the whole story. See, that stack on the left used to be split between the two pallets and 20 bags of FSU's that I already had were on top of the left side pallet. Last night I unloaded the approximately 1/2 ton of mixed pellets off the right side pallet onto the floor. I then started filling it with FSU's, starting with those from my car, then topping it of with the FSUs that were on the left side pallet. Then I stacked the 1/2 ton of mixed pellets on the left side.

So, I moved 1000 pounds twice, 600 pounds 3 times, and 800 pounds once. Lets see, that translates to 2000 + 1800 + 800 = 4600 pounds of pellets that I moved yesterday.

Nope, didn't need any workout with weights yesterday.

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Jungle Kitty

About a week ago - Tory in the kitchen bay window

Tory Bay Window
Tory Bay Window

Hope you enjoyed your cuteness quotient for the day.

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January 18, 2015

Motrocycle Storage Party

Yesterday was the storage party where I have my bike put up for winter. They have a Storage Mambers Only (and guest) party where they supply a couple of free drinks, an indoor poker run, chili cook-off (all the employees make a crock of chili), vendors, and prizes. The party is held in the service area and They also open up the storage area so you can visit your bike and look at what others have done to theirs.

This is the first year that I remember that my bike has ever been in the front row, so it was easy to eake pictures.

My bike at storage party
My bike at storage party

There were two guys looking at it and they didn't believe me at first when I said it was mine, They finally believed me when I could tell them the year, about the fog lights being new to the HD available parts and the fact that the previous owner must have put the color-matched lowers on since no SG comes with those (Except CVO, which also has the trunk and special paint schemes)

Additionally, I saw a bike that I swear was BIL's previous pride and joy.

Side of Ultra
Side of Ultra

When it came to drawing for prizes, I won a pair of boots ($150 value). Unfortunatwly they are men's boots, and ironically, they are the size EX wears. I may or may not be able to trade them in for women's boots (they usually just trade sizes), but if not I can sell them on CL for a decent price I'm sure.

I had a good time, saw a couple of people I know in passing (heck, don't even know their names, but enough to exchange a couple of words), saw my bike, got fed lunch and won a prize - can't ask for any more than that.

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January 11, 2015

Low Temp of the Season

The lowest temperature yet this season was at 4 AM on January 8th:

Neg 17

Right now it is -10F.

Still nice and warm inside from the pellet stoves!

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Family Sleeping

Yesterday morning I awoke very early and moved my left hand down beside my hip. My hand hit a cat, so I pet Tory. It is easy to know that it is Tory since Fuzzy has never been on a bed since he became a housecat. The bed was Owned by Shadoe, who consented to let Troy on it, but not Fuzzy and the tradition continued when Shadow passed and I don't know of a time that Fuzzy has actually entered a bedroom since I've been in this house.

As I was drifting back off to sleep, I heard a strange purring. It took me a minute in my brain fog to realize why it sounded strange; it sounded like Fuzzy's purring and not Tory's. I soon figured out, while still almost asleep, that for some reason Fuzzy must be out in the hallway and he heard me move, so started purring.

When I woke up later, and got ready to get out of bed, I put my hand down to pet Tory. Being a bit mre awake, I thought the hair was a bit long for Tory, so opened my eyes. About that time, Fuzzy's purring became very loud and I realized that Fuzzy had joined us during the night. Tory was on my right side, not quite touching me so I hadn't realized he was there.

Then last night I got ready for bed late, about 11 pm. Tory was sitting on the couch staring at me, waiting for me to go to bed so he could join. He has learned it takes me a minute or two to settle down so that the covers and pillows are to my liking, so waits until I call him. I realized that Fuzzy wasn't in the living room, or the kitchen, his two usual haunts. I then went to the bedroom and saw this:

Fuzzy on Bed

Apparently the whole family (except Birdie) will be using the bed at night now. Fuzzy moved while I got in bed, then planted himself at my right hip. Tory came for his usaul bedtime pets, on my left side (hi usual side to start the night). When I woke up this morning, Fuzzy was at my left, and Tory at my right.

I don't know what has changed where Tory will tolerate him on the bed and in fairly close proximity without at least grumbling, but I will take it.

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January 03, 2015

Going Back to the Office

I never posted pics of the office wall, which I finally got completed on 12/20/14 (when pics were taken).

Office wall 1 

Office wall 2

Not all that exciting as it is a very short wall, but as people say on forums I frequent, "Pics, or it didn't happen" :)

Also got the floor scrubbed and oiled, but I think you guys are probably all oiled-wood pictured out.

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Let There be Light

Shortly before Christmas, Cop Car sent me a small box. Within that box was an LED Flashlight - Cool!

FlashlightThen I took off the battery cover and took a double take. 3 batteries were to fit in this contraption that I had never seen before (sorry for the crappy pic).

Battery holeder

I installed the batteries, and . . . nothing. Then I realized that the polarity on one of them must be installed differenctly. It wasn't obvious unless you looked really closely, but I figured it out

Battery installedAnd now I have a wicked bright flashlight that has a beam that goes from wide angle to thin - double cool!

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January 01, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year. I hope everyone has a better 2015 than in 2014, may the good times outweigh the bad, and may you have peace of mind, heart and spirit. Anything over that is a bonus!

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December 30, 2014

Not Another CL Find

Friday before last (about 10 days ago), I was at a big box hardware store during lunch (the one closest to work, not my favorite one), and I happened to go thru the kitchen cabinet section. There were a couple of unfinished cabinets on the floor, and the tags on them had me doing a double-take. One of them was too big for my needs in the craft room, but the other one was looking just right (don't ask me why the picture comes out sideways - I'm using my laptop and apparently the Win 8 apps I have that touch up pictures don't talk well with Typepad - even removing properties didn't help). [EDIT - I fixed the pictures - bogie]

   Bare Cabinet

Needless to say, the drawers found their way into the Jeep. Friday night I stained them, then Saturday they got two coats of polyurathane. During the 2nd coat, tragedy inconvenience struck.

  Cabinet 2 sm

I managed to drop the open can of polyurathane. Fortunately I was doing all the work in the basement so at least no wood floors or carpets were harmed. Not the best way to seal up a concrete floor though - and truly doesn't seal it, it just soaks in. After cleaning up the mess, I decided it was time to stop working for the day (it was 7:54 pm when the picture was taken), and I waited to complete the 3rd and 4th coats of polyurathane until Sunday. Monday when I got home from work, I took everything upstairs.

Cabinet finished


Cabinet 4 sm

Now I just need to find a countertop to go between the drawers and spice rack.

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December 20, 2014

Floor Comparison for Ruth

Ruth was curious as to how well the oiling of my wood floors holds up. As I explained in my comment, I don't really have any "high traffic" areas. Being as I am always here alone, and especially since I no longer have a dog, my floorss are more gently used than most. Add to that is that I did the oiling after all the intense work on my house was done, my results may be vastly different from another's.

That being said, after I oiled my halway floor last weekend, I took comparison shots of the previously oiled rooms. Please not that the nly thing I have done to the oiled rooms is sweep (not even vacuum) and I haven't mopped at all, so dust is most likely present.

The most recently oiled floor was the craft room; that was done the weekend before Thanksgiving; about 3 weeks prior to oiling the hallway. The first picture is from the hallway into the room; the second pic is from the room to the hallway.

Hall to craft room floor
Hall to craft room floor

The bedroom floor was oiled a couple of months ago, and still looks pretty good - although it is evident where it joins the hallway. However, the flash makes it much more noticable than it is in reality. Pictures are in the same order.

Hall to BR floor
Hall to BR floor

For my lightly used floors, the oil is holding up well. The real test will be the living room and hallway as those floors see the most use.

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